Gardelli – EL COROZAL (COLOMBIA) 250 Gram


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    Gardelli - EL COROZAL (COLOMBIA) 250 Gram


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      تاريخ التحميص: 02/08/2021

      الإيحاءات:  التوت الأسود / شمام / شوكلاتة داكنة

      QUALITY SCORE  87.50


      Caturra coffee varietal was developed by the Alcides Carvalho Coffee Center of the IAC, Instituto Agronomico of the Sao Paulo State in Brazil.
      In 1937, IAC received seed samples of genetic material originating on the border of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo states. The samples came from Red Caturra and yellow Caturra cultivars. These two cultivars originated from Red Bourbon by way of natural mutation, originally a tall coffee shrub, found in the Serra do Caparaó, which is now a mountainous National Park to the north east of Rio de Janeiro.
      This is the first naturally occurring coffee mutation found, with small size and high yield capacity. Red and Yellow Caturra are characterised by the closely sitting cherries. These varietals have excellent cup quality, because they are genetically very close to the Bourbon varietal.

      Castillo is named after the researcher Jamie Castillo, who helped Cenicafe, Colombia’s coffee research centre, develop the varietal in 2005. Castillo was designed as an improvement on the Colombia variety. It is resistant to leaf rust (roya) and other prevalent diseases, which has quickly made it the most planted coffee in Colombia. It is high-yield, and its smaller size allows for greater planting density, which have also made it so popular among farmers.

      Using Catimor’s HdT x Caturra recipe as a blueprint, Cenicafé first created the Colombia variety as an F5 composite, and released it in 1982.


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