Ona – هندوراس لوس بينوس مجففه فلتر 200 جرام


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    Ona - هندوراس لوس بينوس مجففه فلتر 200 جرام


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      تاريخ التحميص 01/06/2021

      محصول من الهندوراس مجفف مناسب للقهوة المقطره.

      الايحاءات: برتقال – مشمش – زهور

      Orlando Carbajal since he was very young, always dreamed of being a coffee producer. But coming from a humble upbringing meant he did not have the economic capacity to undertake any type of coffee farming business that could produce the quantities of coffee he desired. Orlando went abroad in search of work that would allow him to get enough money to start his own coffee business. He spent two years in the US and then returned to Honduras to pursue his dream. Orlando purchased a farm and has now been producing coffee for over 27 years. A lot has changed in that time.
      Seven years ago a cafe team reached out and urged them to pursue the production of specialty quality coffees. This was eye-opening and Orlando’s objective changed. Deciding that his farm would focus solely on producing quality coffee. This decision paid off in 2018 when he won second place in the Honduras COE program with a collective cup score surpassing 92pt. Since that success, Orlando is even more motivated to continue to expand his knowledge and to improve the quality of his coffee each year. I can tell you know that he has done just that. The 2020 harvest is the first ONA has Bought from him directly and it’s a wonderfully pristine example of amazing well-processed coffee. True to his word his yields are tiny, with the focus on quality still holding strong. Our total allocation was 6 bags of coffees over two lots. But what he lacks in volume, Orlando makes up in quality with the coffee he produces consistently reaching the 88pt mark.
      Flavour profile:
      Orange Soda, Apricot, Lychee and Orange Blossom

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