Ona – كولومبيا الميرادور مجففه فلتر 200 جرام


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    Ona - كولومبيا الميرادور مجففه فلتر 200 جرام


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      تاريخ التحميص 01/06/2021

      محصول كولومبي مجفف مناسب للقهوة المقطره.

      الايحاءات: ورود – التوت والخوخ

      Striped Bourbon is a natural mutation of the common Bourbon variety. The variety is distinguished by a coffee cherry that is red with faint yellow trips that run top to tail like the darker green shades on watermelon skin. Elkin came across this variety during a visit to a producer in San Adolfo and was surprised by the coffee’s flavour and characteristics in the cup. After learning more about the plant he decided to grow it at El Mirador to share with the world a coffee that he found to be incredible.

      The Freezer Natural process at El Mirador starts immediately after harvest. The coffee is first sorted by floating the cherries in water to remove defects, which is followed by hand sorting to remove dark and overripe fruit. The coffee is then subjected to 72hours in below 5c temperatures. This cold shock is thought to make a cleaner more transparent coffee flavour articulation with beautifully crisp acidity. After this, the coffee is then moved to the drying area, where it will then dry whole for 25–32 days. During this fermentation and drying period, the coffee is kept in thin layers and moved consistently to ensure consistent drying throughout. After milling, the coffee is packed into GrainPro bags to maintain its humidity and to preserve the sensory attributes of the beans.

      This lot is a truly stunning expression of innovation from variety and process. It has come leaps and bounds in refinement since Elkins first freezer expression made for Australian Barista Champion Hugh Kelly in 2016 for his World barista comp campaign in Dublin

      Flavour profile:

      Tropical, Rose Florals, Raspberry and Peach.


      Colombia (100%)


      Freezer Natural (100%)


      Stripped Bourbon (100%)

      Brew Guide:

      Age to drink

      7-18 days after roast

      Dose amount


      Water amount / temperature

      300g (89 degrees C)



      Brew duration



      5 pours of 60g (bloom 60g, 60g, 60g, 60g, 60g)
      Freeze date

      8-11 days after roast

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