Motta – Distribution Tool For Coffee – 58.5MM


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    Motta - Distribution Tool For Coffee - 58.5MM


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      موزع سطح القهوة مقاس 58.5 من شركة موتا الايطاليه

      A barista device with a special base for preparing coffee grounds by uniformly distributing the coffee in the filter basket before tapping, using rotary movements and applying a minimum pressing pressure. Using this tool will lead you to better and more consistent extractions.Realized in only 2 parts, simply to set and easy to use!Technical dataDesigned with three oblique angles creating fins smoothly carrying coffee around the portafilterEqual distribution and uniform coffee density on the portafilterPerfectly flat surface for tampingEnsures healthy beverage and protection for barista hands as there is no contact with the coffee during equal distributionAdjustable height for a perfect fit on the portafilter regardless of the amount in grams of the dose usedAdjustable according to each dose and the characteristics of the coffee

      Made in Italy

      الوزن 0.6 كيلوجرام

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